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OLIVIA YVES LONDON -Organic Pima Cotton


Proudly founded in London, OLIVIA YVES was established by a group of elites who are specialists for Atopic Dermatitis.


OLIVIA YVES prides itself on creating the purest organic baby garments with the world's finest and rarest Organic Pima Cotton that combines soothing softness with dynamic durability.


Instead of using combines or other machinery, Organic Pima farmers in Peru cultivate their harvest only by hand, reducing the environmental impact of growing, preserving the extra-long fibers, and improving the quality of final products. This hand-picked Organic Pima is perfectly used in our baby garments that are meticulously sewn for superior comfort, just like wrapped in mother's womb — extremely pure, soft and safe.

Organic Pima Cotton

- the top 0.0005% of all the cotton on earth


Pima is a generic term for the finest type of cotton — cotton with Extra Long Staples (ELS). The fiber length means that Pima Cotton weaves into a very soft, dense and durable fabric lasting as much as 50 percent longer than fabrics made from other forms of cotton. This prized Pima makes up roughly 2% of the world’s cotton; organically grown is even rarer.


OLIVIA YVES starts Organic Baby Collection with organically grown Pima Cotton from Peru that represents less than 0.0005% of the world’s cotton!

Substantiality & Responsibility to next generation


Organic cotton is more than just cotton raised without GMOs or chemical inputs. It is the land and the nature we need to preserve and respect the way it is. OLIVIA YVES is devoted to make the premium organic baby garment that is genuinely natural, elegant and extremely comfortable.


From cultivating, weaving, dyeing, printing, sewing, to final packaging and accessories, every steps are certificated by GOTS, OEKO-TEX®, USDA and EU organic standards. It is exclusively designed for newborns with sensitive skin and babies that are prone to rashes, eczema and easily irritable skin.


No harmful fertilizers and pesticides to be found in our cotton, no machine harvesting to damage our delicate long fibers, and no bleach or chemical dyed during manufacturing process.


Purity and baby go hand in hand.

Babies need nothing more than simplicity and pureness.