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BRIKI Vroom Vroom - crafted by hand

Briki Vroom Vroom is a French brand created by Joanna, a book illustrator and Leonardo, a graphic designer.


It is aimed at children and parents alike and offers a wide range of wooden home décor, early learning toys, as well as baby textile accessories and stationery.


All the wooden creations are ethically crafted by hand and made from high quality natural materials, such as beech, alder and maple, and also are hand-painted in the sweetest shades.


Briki Vroom Vroom’s wide range of wooden early learning toys make great gifts for the little ones in your life. The trendy and modern design with poetic inspirations stimulates the imagination and creativity of children.



Vision and touch are the most important keys to children's learning and cognitive development!


BRIKI Vroom Vroom's creative early learning toys are made of solid and  natural wood by hand, coupled with poetic trendy and modern design, so that children can inspire visual and tactile feelings during play, and unleash the imagination

and creativity.


For children, toys are not only a kind of companionship, assistance, and education, but also an experience and memory that are indispensable for growth. The wonderful experience and memories of childhood can be eternally retained and inherited through the natural wood of BRIKI Vroom Vroom, and it is an invaluable collection of memories!