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Specialised in the most exquisite, high-quality, traditional handcrafted, creative aesthetics and art, while as well paying a great attention to environmental conservation and incorporating organic baby essence in pure organic nature.


All our highly-selected brands must be approved by International Organic Association and National Children-Safe Certification to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and harmless to the health of babies.


Our business philosophy is to always understand the actual needs of consumers / parents from the perspective of viewing their children as our own child, and to protect more babies together. Help them grow up healthily and happily!


The well-known European brands under YVES & CO., including OLIVIA YVES LONDON: the premium organic pima cotton, Patt’touch FRANCE: luxury handmade leather baby shoes, BRIKI Vroom Vroom FRANCE: eco-friendly handmade wooden toys, and SuperPetit PARIS: children's creative playmats.


We will continue to introduce more high-quality baby and toddler brands, and in addition to the assistance of all product sales, we will also launch some health conference and children's creativity lectures from time to time. YVES & CO. is not only focus on children's quality of life and healthy growth, but also focus on cultivating all children's aesthetics and education!


Welcome to join us, and be a member of YVES CLUB!

Let’s together create a comfortable, healthy and happy life for our children!